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 Our podcast interviews people from all walks of life to find the source of their inspiration and the stories behind the origins of their passion.


“Music to me comes from bloodline. The passion that I have for the music is so deep— there is nothing in the world to me like music. Yeah? It’s in the blood— that’s why. Because it’s in my blood, it comes out of me vast. It’s just in me. You have people that’s in music—...

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“I sang for fun as a child, and always had a secret sense of pride that I knew I was singing on pitch. I started writing poetry because I had to. Because I had so many feelings that writing was the only way I could see them in the tangible world and make some sort...

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The Fetty Brothers

I reached out to the @FettyBrothers over Instagram and was instantly digging the tunes emanating from their Soundcloud. I saw that they were playing a show at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco so I mobbed out to them to have a conversation around the origins of their music passion. Check out the quotes that...

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“I’m so inspired by life! I started writing music as a child after realizing that someone had to actually come up with the music I was listening to! Making music turned into my release, and then suddenly it wasn’t just about me anymore— music is one of our oldest and truest ways to share stories together. That inspires me....

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“I always loved to sing. When I was 3 I would sing under the dining room table covered by the table cloth— I was too shy to let anyone hear me though— so I would always stop if I heard someone walk by. To this day I still feel too shy at times haha but I...

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“I never stumbled upon a moment where I thought ‘this is it!’ Life naturally lead me to music. From a young age, I knew music had a deep and profound effect on me. The therapy I would get from music was unmatched. So from a young age, I understood that to help myself and those...

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I grew up shopping at la segunda— the thrift shop— out of necessity. It was here where I discovered that creativity is born within adversity. I have created this podcast to fill with stories of passion and aspirations from secondhand communities long ago discarded and left on the rack. To all that is local and genuine, to the ghettos and slums discarded and forgotten, to the nonprofits and changemakers of this world— I see you. I hope you enjoy!

Richie Nuñez

Founder and host, La Segunda